the first post

Normally, people don’t read ‘hello’ posts. I consider them useless, they teach nothing, mean nothing but still take time to write and to read. So, I strongly hope that I will be the only person who read this.

I started another blog. I already have one (in Russian), but I hope they both will co-exists in future. Some posts will be translated, some will be adopted, others will not. Anyway, I can’t promise too much, but the idea of this site/blog seems to be inspiring at the moment.

One day I realized that I’m so happily employed that have an extermely outdated CV, and all the stuff I do is just scattered all over the internet, some projects took the shelter only on my localhost machine, some ideas were just told to a couple of friends and since then are shared by word of mouth.

That’s why I started this site/blog. I will try to gather together here all my projects and thoughs, tools and toys, fresh and mossy code, wise and stupid ideas. Hope you’ll like them.

Aug 01, 2012

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