Nokia Composer

Composer was a classic Nokia phone application which allowed to compose ring tones phones by pressing the phones buttons to make certain sounds.

Notes and rests

A melody in composer format is a sequence of notes, separated by whitespace. Notes can be upper-case or lower-case from C (do) to B (ti).

c d e f g a b

Note duration can be written before the note symbol. Dot increases the note duration by half. Default note duration is 1/4th.

4.c 8d 4.e 8c 4e 4c 4e

Rests are indicated by the "-" character

16.g 32- 16.g 32- 16.g 32- 1e

"#" makes the note sharp (must be written in front of the note), e.g. "8.#f". There are no flat notes.

Octave can be written after the note. Default octave is 1. Supported octaves are 1 to 3.

16e2 16d2 8#f 8#g 16#c2 16b 8d 8e 16b 16a 8#c 8e 2a

Tempo can be set in the BPM field.

You can share composed melodies by sending the complete URL. It contains the tempo and the melody. You may bookmark melodies in your browser to play them later.

Have fun!

Launch Composer

P.S. if you found an issue or would like to contribute - it's on github.