Hello, I’m Serge and here’s some of my recent blog posts:

Scalable, Resilient Brainf∗ck

Building Brainf∗ck interpreter for the 21 century, with all the best systems design practices in mind. Think of Brainf∗ck-as-a-service cloud solution! (3 min to read)

A “Better C” Benchmark

An unusual benchmark for programming languages, designed to replace C. Unlike many other benchmarks, this one measures developer productivity and performance. (9 min to read)

How do ones and zeros sound?

A brief introduction into 1-bit buzzer music, perhaps the most limiting and challenging genre of electronic computer music. (8 min to read)

CSS-in-JS in 200 bytes

Learning how CSS-in-JS works by building one from scratch and squeezing it into a barely noticeable size. (5 min to read)

Let’s make the worst VueJS ever!

Learning how VueJS works by building one from scratch. (6 min to read)

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