Hello, I’m Serge and here’s some of my recent blog posts:

√Čtude in C minor

Making music with low-level C code, from a simple saw wave to playing melodies (12 min to read)

Nokia Composer in 512 bytes

Making a tiny oldschool music composer inspired by RTTTL and Nokia Composer (11 min to read)

World smallest office suite

Let's build a tiny browser-based office suite - a text editor, a speadsheet, a drawing app and a presentation maker - all in four lines of code. (8 min to read)

Minimal code editor in JavaScript

How to write a small extensible code editor in pure javascript, with syntax highlighting and a few other nice features in 1KB. Absolutely no dependencies, a bit of contenteditable magic, with a strong focus on keeping it small and simple. (5 min to read)

Making a tiny 2x3 bitmap font

A playful experiment in making the most minimal bitmap font. (5 min to read)

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