Hello, I’m Serge and here’s some of my recent blog posts:

Minimal code editor in JavaScript

How to write a small extensible code editor in pure javascript, with syntax highlighting and a few other nice features in 1KB. Absolutely no dependencies, a bit of contenteditable magic, with a strong focus on keeping it small and simple. (5 min to read)

Making a tiny 2x3 bitmap font

A playful experiment in making the most minimal bitmap font. (5 min to read)

Java agent - Bond or Smith?

Writing a toy Java agent to monitor and modify the behavior of Java classes in runtime. (6 min to read)

How to write a (toy) JVM

Exploring JVM specification and trying to write a little code to interpret a Java class like a real JVM. (13 min to read)

Linux containers in a few lines of code

Trying to figure out how Linux containers work by implementing them from scratch in C. (6 min to read)

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