Hello, I’m Serge and here’s some of my recent blog posts:

CSS-in-JS in 200 bytes

Learning how CSS-in-JS works by building one from scratch and squeezing it into a barely noticeable size. (5 min to read)

Let’s make the worst VueJS ever!

Learning how VueJS works by building one from scratch. (6 min to read)

The old way to the modern web services

Using Go to build webservices in a boring, predictable, yet productive way. (7 min to read)

Beep, beep, I’m a sheep

Let's build a tiny cross-platform audio library for playing beeps to understand how low-level audio works across the platforms (6 min to read)

√Čtude in C minor

Making music with low-level C code, from a simple saw wave to playing melodies (12 min to read)

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