Hello, I’m Serge and here’s some of my recent blog posts:

Cross-platform web UI for C and Go

Tiny single-header webview wrapper for Gtk/WinAPI/Cocoa with Golang bindings (4 min to read)

Syntactic sugar in C - (ab)using “for” loops

C metaprogramming with loops and commas, pretending that it’s a good idea (8 min to read)

Partcl - a tiny command language

Tcl intepreter in six hundred lines of code, customizable, extendable, covered with tests (8 min to read)

My experience with asm.js

Rewriting parts of the app in C to improve performance (6 min to read)

Anvil 0.4.0 + support libraries

For a long time Anvil worked only with normal SDK views, but now you may use support library views as well (4 min to read)

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