Hello, I’m Serge and here’s some of my recent blog posts:

AI or ain’t: LLMs

Finally, building a simple GPT model that would finish our sentences. (15 min to read)

AI or ain’t: Neural Networks

Neural network and deep learning introduction for those who skipped the math class but wants to follow the trend (11 min to read)

AI or ain’t: Markov Chains

Exploring the world of Markov chains, learning how they predict text patterns and make a basic implementation that talks nonsense like Homer Simpson. (8 min to read)

AI or ain’t: Eliza

Explore the intriguing history of Eliza, a pioneering chatbot, and learn how to implement a basic version in Go, unraveling the roots of conversational AI. (11 min to read)

Minimal cross-platform graphics

Exploring how to use 2D graphics in various desktop operating systems, the old-school way. In this part we learn how to create an empty window under Linux, macOS and Windows. (22 min to read)

What is Git made of?

Build your own tiny Git from scratch to learn the internals of Git version control system. (11 min to read)

Post-apocalyptic programming

In a post-apocalyptic future with no internet or stackoverflow, let's try to build a programming environment from scratch. (33 min to read)

On Transpilers

Exploring various transpilers from C to "better C" and how they can help replacing C in existing project. (8 min to read)

Zig, the small language

Zig programming language is new, but it's getting a well deserved attention. Can it be a good fit for small-and-simple programming tasks? (5 min to read)

How do One-Time passwords work?

Many of us use one-time passwords (OTP) regularly to log into different services. Most probably rely on Google Authenticator and similar tools. But what about building one by ourselves? (4 min to read)

Poor Man’s Web

The Small Web Renaissance, Finger, Gopher and Gemini. How they work and what makes them different from the modern Big Web. (8 min to read)

Ray tracer for those who skipped the math class

A tiny ray tracer, only useful for people who never written one themselves, but would like to. It lacks features, but provides a foundation to build your own, featureful ray tracer upon. (13 min to read)

How do ones and zeros sound?

A brief introduction into 1-bit buzzer music, perhaps the most limiting and challenging genre of electronic computer music. (8 min to read)

CSS-in-JS in 200 bytes

Learning how CSS-in-JS works by building one from scratch and squeezing it into a barely noticeable size. (5 min to read)

Let’s make the worst VueJS ever!

Learning how VueJS works by building one from scratch. (6 min to read)

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